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Weightless Program Health Wavier + Terms & Conditions

1. You are coming to the Weightless program known as - “The Weightless Program” which is a health and lifestyle course 8 weeks in duration.

2. The Weightless Program can be paid through one of our payment plan partners for as little as $20 per week (Fee Funders) or in full directly to Event Horizon $1000.00 NZD + gst. The program is NOT a subscription and instalments cannot be cancelled.

3. Once you have accessed our website you have obtained our intellectual property and no refunds or cancellations shall be provided.

4. At the conclusion of your 8 week program payments conclude and your account will not receive any further charges. There are options to continue and we will call you for a chat and to discuss.

5. WE ARE NOT - Endocrinologists, Dieticians, Doctors or Naturopaths. We will not provide any medical recommendations nor is anything we suggest or recommend to be taken as medical advice.

6. Nothing we recommend should be placed ahead of medical advice you have received and if unsure about anything you will need to consult a medical professional.

7. You accept that participating in a health and lifestyle program is at your own risk. You take full responsibility for the choices you make surrounding exercise and nutrition. You will in no way hold Weightless or your coaches liable for any injuries or illness sustained.

8. Should your membership instalments to Weightless fail you will be charged a dishonour fee unless paid within a 48hr grace period or discussed with the administration team. 

9. We will not tolerate negative comments posted about the program, individuals on the program or the Weightless Transformation team. Should you have any concerns please put those concerns in writing and send to

10. Any member that is seen to make any judgemental or hurtful comments towards another member or a member of the Weightless team will be dealt with at the discretion of Management.

11. 100% money back guarantee, if you don’t lose any weight following the programme over the 8 weeks, we will happily issue you a full refund at the conclusion.

12. Must pay in full, or we charge 20% interest calculated daily and send on to debt collectors

13: Covid, we will offer you additional support through this though time, as we see us part of your health recovery support team. No refunds and no additional charges for this bonus offer.

14: Appointment times; you will be allotted the same fixed time every week for the 8 week programme, please see that your diary has us locked in through our onboarding process.

15: Please allow 24 hours notice to request a change of time (should you have a valid reason for this.) We will attempt to find you another slot either the day prior, on the same day or day after otherwise be changed full charge, if you do not show. You can always video in your weekly 30min and we can respond to this (not live.)

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