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What Clients Are Saying

Amy has been fantastic for accountability.  Having her on hand to keep me on track with the weightloss and my progress has been outstanding.  I've lost 15 kilos and am so proud

Sonya - Christchurch, New Zealand

I was so happy when she jumped on the scales she cried with happiness. Having finally broken through so see a 7 at the from on the scales from being around 100 kilos at Christmas time "I just didnt thiunk this was going to be accessable for me again" - wrapped with the results and will be continuing building on her new foundation into the future.

Anna - Auckland, New Zealand

Amy is a fantastic coach to work with, with every weekly call she brings the energy, support and tools, to set up the week ahead.  Amy makes it easy to hold yourself accountable and keep pushing to be a better you inside and out.

Sarah - Auckland, New Zealand

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